Accuslate is a high density fiberboard that is coated with a PVC material. There are many companies who make different “versions” of fake slate but Accuslate actually has a 7 year warranty against warpage which is much more than most “fake slate” companies have. I highly recommend accuslate on pool tables as a inexpensive alternative to slate. The fat cat reno pool table is especially nice with the accuslate surface.

If you are a professional pool player, you most definitely will choose slate over any other option, but if you are a recreational player who doesn’t have an extra $3000 for a slate pool table, you may want to explore a non-slate option.

Accuslate is a very nice substitute for slate billiard tables.  Accuslate starts with a HDF (high density fiberboard) core but is coated in a PVC coating that makes it much more resistant to moisture.  It also comes with a whopping 7 year warranty against warping and defects!  This warranty shows the confidence that the manufacturer has in their pool tables.

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