Reunion, FL Garage Conversion

This customer wanted a dedicated Game Room that not only can his own family enjoy, but also his clients families as well. These types of rooms really become excellent marketing tools to stay ahead of the curve in the Short-Term Rental Market in Central Florida. This house stays rented constantly and the ROI on this type of investment is a quick one. Rental homes with Game Rooms and/or Home Theaters truly do rent faster and stay rented above and beyond homes without.

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Accuslate is a high density fiberboard that is coated with a PVC material. There are many companies who make different “versions” of fake slate but Accuslate actually has a 7 year warranty against warpage which is much more than most “fake slate” companies have. I highly recommend accuslate on pool tables as a inexpensive alternative to slate. The fat cat reno pool table is especially nice with the accuslate surface.

If you are a professional pool player, you most definitely will choose slate over any other option, but if you are a recreational player who doesn’t have an extra $3000 for a slate pool table, you may want to explore a non-slate option.

Accuslate is a very nice substitute for slate billiard tables.  Accuslate starts with a HDF (high density fiberboard) core but is coated in a PVC coating that makes it much more resistant to moisture.  It also comes with a whopping 7 year warranty against warping and defects!  This warranty shows the confidence that the manufacturer has in their pool tables.