SONOS: The Wireless wave of the Future…

Want to listen to music anywhere in the house? A wireless Sonos sound system may be the answer. But what is it, what can it do, and what are the alternatives out there? We’re here to help.

In times past, you’d come across some fairly major logistical issues if you wanted to be able to listen to your entire music collection anywhere in your home. You’d either need to move your sound system from room to room, or put up with wires and cables trailing under doors and rugs and up the stairs. Or, of course, you could spend a fortune on a home install system.

The rise of digital and computer-based music made things easier by adding the element of portability to your audio collection. But there was still the question of having a system that didn’t need constant moving or the trailing of leads around the home. That’s where the wireless revolution comes in…

You can now stream audio from a range of devices to speakers around the home using a wireless connection – with no great compromise on sound quality. There are different ways to do this, different products and technologies, but one of the companies to lead has been Sonos, carving out a niche as a mass market, mainstream solution.

Now there are many players in the home wireless sound system game, with a range of manufacturers like Bluesound, Bose, Cambridge Audio, LG and Samsung offering ways to enjoy your music collection – wherever you are in your home.

That’s why we’re here to help, providing you with the answers you need to set-up your own multi-room system.

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Home Automation 101

oncontrols1Home Automation made Easy & Affordable:

Florida Villa Entertainment Services is a “CERTIFIED” ON CONTROLS Dealer and installer. On Controls brings the convenience, luxury and security of smart home technology to the Apple and Android phones and tablets already familiar to millions of consumers. On Controls is a simple, reliable, robust, and reboot free system that will simplify your life!

Your Home Automation system should  have the Following:

  • Personalized
  • Dependable
  • Expandable
  • Scalable
  • Cloud-configured
  • Customizable

What you can control with an On Controls System from Florida Villa Entertainment Services:

  • Multiple TV’s
  • Home Theater
  • Multi-Room Audio
  • Lighting
  • Shades
  • HVAC
  • Cameras
  • Security System
  • Pool Heater
  • And more….

When making decisions on Home Automation, expandable and modular are 2 words you should be using and asking for from your Automation Installer.

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Reunion, FL Garage Conversion

This customer wanted a dedicated Game Room that not only can his own family enjoy, but also his clients families as well. These types of rooms really become excellent marketing tools to stay ahead of the curve in the Short-Term Rental Market in Central Florida. This house stays rented constantly and the ROI on this type of investment is a quick one. Rental homes with Game Rooms and/or Home Theaters truly do rent faster and stay rented above and beyond homes without.

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Accuslate is a high density fiberboard that is coated with a PVC material. There are many companies who make different “versions” of fake slate but Accuslate actually has a 7 year warranty against warpage which is much more than most “fake slate” companies have. I highly recommend accuslate on pool tables as a inexpensive alternative to slate. The fat cat reno pool table is especially nice with the accuslate surface.

If you are a professional pool player, you most definitely will choose slate over any other option, but if you are a recreational player who doesn’t have an extra $3000 for a slate pool table, you may want to explore a non-slate option.

Accuslate is a very nice substitute for slate billiard tables.  Accuslate starts with a HDF (high density fiberboard) core but is coated in a PVC coating that makes it much more resistant to moisture.  It also comes with a whopping 7 year warranty against warping and defects!  This warranty shows the confidence that the manufacturer has in their pool tables.

Home Theater 101

March 10, 2015


Welcome to the first BLOG for Florida Villa Entertainment Services Inc. With this blog we are going to try and touch on all of the topics that would interest the Vacation Rental Homeowner, answer questions for the Property Manager, and help the Vacation Renter make decisions on their next rental purchase that will enhance their vacation experience. So let’s get started. In our opening BLOG, we are going to discuss the basics of Home Theater, What to look for when designing a Theater Room, Latest Trends in Equipment, and in general try to simplify things for the novice.

5.1 vs 7.1

5.1 channel Home Theater receivers have been the standard for two decades. They provide a perfectly good listening experience, especially in small to average-sized rooms. A 5.1 channel system consists of:

  1. A Center Channel to provide an anchor stage for dialog or music vocal.
  2. Left and Right Front channels to provide the main soundtrack information, or for stereo music reproduction.
  3. Left and Right surround channels for side and front to rear motion effects from movie soundtracks and ambient sounds from music recordings.
  4. The Subwoofer channel, which provides the extreme low frequency effects, such as explosions or bass response in music performances.


7.1 channel Home Theater Receiver features that could be of Benefit:

  1. A 7.1 channel system incorporates all the elements of a 5.1 channel system, but instead of combining both surround and rear channel effects into two channels, a 7.1 system splits the surround and rear channel information into four channels. In other words, side sound effects and ambience are directed to left and right surround channels, and the rear sound effects and ambience are directed to two rear or back channels. In this set-up the surround speakers are set to the side of the listening position and the rear or back channels are placed behind the listener.

For a visual look at the difference between a 5.1 channel speaker layout and 7.1 channel speakers layout, check out an excellent diagram provided by Dolby Labs.

5.1 Setup

7.1 Setup


The 7.1 channel listening environment can add more depth the surround sound experience; provide more a specific, directed, and immersive sound field, especially for larger rooms.

  1. In addition, if you prefer 5.1 channels for your main room, most 7.1 channel receivers have the ability to use the extra two channels to provide a 2-channel speaker operation in a second location. What this means is that, in many cases, while you are listening and watching your DVDs in 5.1 channel surround sound in your main room, someone else could be listening to a CD (provided you have a separate CD player connected to your receiver) in another room, without having a separate CD player and receiver in the other room – just the speakers.
  2. Another option that is becoming more common on 7.1 channel receivers is the use of Bi-amping. How this works is that if you have front channel Speakers that have separate speaker connections for the midrange/tweeters and the woofers (I am not referring to the subwoofer, but the woofers in your front speakers), you can reassign the amplifiers running the 6th and 7th channels to your front channels. Then enables you to retain a full 5.1 channel setup, but still add two additional channels of amplification to your front left and right speakers.

Using the separate speaker’s connections for the 6th and 7th channel on your bi-ampible speakers, you can double the power delivered to your front left and right channels. Your front mid-range/tweeters end up running off of the main L/R channels and your front speakers woofers running off your 6th and 7th channel Bi-amp connections.

The procedure for this type of setup is explained and illustrated in the user manuals for many 7.1 channel receivers. However, as I mentioned earlier, although this is becoming a more common feature, it is not included in all 7.1 channel receivers.


If you are still confused as to which system is correct for your room and application, Give us a call here at Florida Villa Entertainment Services Inc. and we would be more than happy to come out to your house and give you a FREE In-Home Consultation.

In the future we will be diving into a whole host of topics such as Soundbars, Projectors, Home Automation, Game Rooms, Pool Tables and so much more…. Stay Tuned!!


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